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Discussed by Dr. Michael Youssef
with Leading the Way (www.ltw.org)

Part 1 of 2

Dr. Michael Youssef has written an outstanding new book, “The Hidden Enemy Aggressive Secularism, Radical Islam, and the Fight for Our Future.  In “The Hidden Enemy”, Dr. Youssef discusses the destructive forces tearing our world apart. Aggressive secularism is stripping our nation of truth, while many Christians are browbeaten into silence. That secular spirit of our nation is actually opening the door to radical Islam.

Dr. Michael Youssef, a social and cultural expert regarding Islam, is the Founder and President of Leading the Way, a worldwide ministry that helps people living in darkness discover the light of Christ. He has also written over thirty-five books, including “The Barbarians are Here” and “Jesus, Jihad, and Peace”.

You can hear Dr. Michael Youssef daily on KKHT, Houston, 100.7 FM from 11:30 am – 12:00 pm.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Do Christians really know what’s going on with radical Islamic Jihadists in America and across the world?

Are God’s people destroyed for lack of knowledge/wisdom?

Is information about Islam and radical Jihad still discussed behind closed doors or is it readily available for anyone to view, read, and study?

Is radical Islam becoming a real threat across Europe? Dr. Youssef says: “We need to wake up! Know the truth. Believe the truth. Proclaim the truth. And stop being empathetic.”

Are aggressive secular and fundamental political Islam being used by the devil to destroy Christians?

Since too many Christians do not know enough truth from the Bible, is our Western Culture breaking down along the fault line of good vs. evil/truth vs. lies?

Discussed by Dr. Michael Youssef
with Leading the Way (www.ltw.org)

Disclaimer: Use caution when listening to this segment around young children. Issues discussed might be upsetting or hard for little ones to understand.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

What do aggressive secularism and radical Islam have in common? Dr. Youssef offers an example from this new book concerning Shariah Law. Use caution!!

How many Shariah Law courts exist in London? HINT: It is A LOT!

Are we living in a post-truth culture?

Dr. Michael Youssef’s new book, “The Hidden Enemy Aggressive Secularism, Radical Islam, and the Fight for Our Future” is a must for every Christian household – especially for older teens and college students! Order your copy here.

Discussed by Robert Knight
with Washington Times Columnist (Washington Times)

What is happening to the state of California? Will Liberals completely ruin the once-great-state?

Robert Knight recently wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Times: “The Great California Train Wreck”.  Listen as Robert discusses information from that article and why people in every state should pay attention.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Is California a train wreck waiting to happen?

Robert Knight and his family once lived in California. Why did they leave? Does he miss it?

If California is essential bankrupt, why are they building a 77.3 billion high-speed bullet train from LA to San Francisco? How long is the construction expected to take? Will the budget increase even more?

Are more Conservatives or Democrats moving to Texas from states like California?

Californian Nancy Pelosi, the current House Minority Leader, recently boasted about being a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars show. Is this indicative of the kind of people who live and work in California? What did she say about RuPaul?

Are we ALL leaving our children and grandchildren a financial mess?

Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

Today’s devotion from Crown Financial Ministries  is entitled: “The Purpose of Money” and is taken from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

What is your most valuable possession? Larry Burkett believed the answer was simple: Jesus.

God gave you money to help you manage your life according to His financial principles. You can’t just spend money as you please, in other words. He can help you be “free”.

Larry also uses Matthew 13:44-46.

Further Scripture reading: Numbers 22-24

Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 2

Merry Christmas!! Listen each day this week as Mark Lanier offers the history behind some of the most beloved Christmas carols.

Note: The talented singers that help Mark out with the carols are Clark Robison, Bill Drout, and Pastor Brent Johnson.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Fun Fact: The King James Bible does not include the word “fun”!

The first carol Mark reviews is “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, written in 1868 by Philip Brooks, an Episcopal Pastor from Philadelphia. Listen as Mark tells the story of how Brooks wrote the song and more interesting facts!

Mark uses Scripture from Micah, Ruth, and Luke and discusses the reason why Ephrathah was added to Bethlehem in these Scriptures.

The next Christmas Carol examines is “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”, using Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 2:1. Tune in tomorrow for more on this wonderful carol.

For more information about Mark’s Class, click [here].

Discussed by Pastor David Fleming
with Champion Forest Baptist Church (www.ChampionForest.org)

Day 2

On December 25, 2016, Pastor David Fleming presented a fantastic sermon from Luke 2 about the birth of Jesus Christ.

The sermon, entitled “An Angelic Announcement”, can be found here.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Do you like good news? Jesus Christ has come! The angels proclaimed this good news to the shepherds, but it didn’t stay with them. The good news spread everywhere!

Why did God choose shepherds to share the good news with? “God doesn’t do random,” Pastor Fleming says. Listen as he explains the occupation and why they were so important to society at the time…

Pastor David Fleming encourages you to visit Champion Forest Baptist Church in NW Houston this Sunday! CFBC has Life Groups classes (Sunday School) for all ages and walks of life, including Mark Lanier’s Biblical Literacy Class, as well as several service times and locations to choose from. For more information, click here.

Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

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