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Discussed by Patrick Prill
with Things Atheists Say (www.thingsatheistssay.com/)

Part 1 of 3

What is the foundation, the cornerstone, the bedrock upon which morality is built?  Is there still right and wrong? Is there no morality left in the world? Should everyone just do what is right in their own eyes?

Patrick Prill is the author of “Things Atheists Say”. Today, he discusses morality in America (and the world).

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Is human worth is based on their usefulness? Do atheists really believe this?

What is “natural selection”?

What is “survival of the fittest”?

Discussed by Patrick Prill
with Things Atheists Say (www.thingsatheistssay.com/)

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Stephen Hawking, profound atheist, suffered the crippling effects of ALS. He was also a brilliant man, even if he did contradict God in his findings. Would some people (atheists) say that his life had no value due to his disability?

Do atheists believe that the strong should help the weak? Care for the sick? Provide for the poor? This answer just might surprise you! Listen as Patrick describes different types of morality.

Without CHRISTIAN morality, is there any reason to help another person?

Discussed by Patrick Prill
with Things Atheists Say (www.thingsatheistssay.com/)

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Is there inherent value in each person?

Is the foundation, the cornerstone, the bedrock upon which morality built the inherent value of each person?

What is “Personhood”?

Click the link above to order your copy of Patrick’s book, “Things Atheists Say”.

Discussed by Sara Tracey
with The What's UP Radio Program

You are going to hunger for some success in this life. May that hunger be for the complete success of the Gospel in your heart.

Scripture Passages: Matthew 6:25-34

To order your copy of “New Morning Mercies” by Paul David Tripp, click here.

Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 4

This week’s lesson is a little different than others. Mark received a long email from a class member with a question about Paul’s letter to the Galatians. You may have the same question. So, Mark’s focus will be on that email this week in his lesson entitled “A Letter of Grace”.

The Question: Is the Gospel more than just the “Good News”?

For this week’s lesson, click here.

If you have a prayer request, need Scripture encouragement, or would like a copy of Mark’s lessons each week, email wantmore@biblical-literacy.org

Questions/Issues Discussed:

When we limit our message to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, are we short-changing the Gospel message? Mark says NO and passionately explains why he believes this using Clint Eastwood’s movie “The Good, Bad, and The Ugly”.

Did God plan for Jesus to die?

Is there a difference between duty and earning? This might not make sense, but just listen as Mark discusses this…

Is our response to the Gospel just as important as Jesus death on the cross? This one is tricky. More on it tomorrow…

Scripture References: John 1:1

For more information about Mark Lanier’s Biblical Literacy class, click here.

Discussed by Pastor Jarrett Stephens
with Champion Forest Baptist Church (www.ChampionForest.org)

Day 4

Pastor Jarrett Stephens concludes his “The Essential Church” series this week with his sermon “Gifted to Serve”.

Find Pastor Jarrett’s sermon here.

Scripture Passage: Romans 12:3-8

Questions/Issues Discussed:

DIVERSITY (Romans 12:6-8)
Why are diverse spiritual gifts important?
Can one person do it all?
FF Bruce, Bible Scholar: “Diversity, not uniformity, is the mark of God’s handiwork. It is so in nature. It is so in grace, too. And nowhere more so than in the Christian community.”

How can we discover our spiritual gift?
1. Study them
2. Study yourself

What do you enjoy doing for the Lord? Is that your spiritual gift? Rick Warren has a great acronym for this: SHAPE. Listen as Pastor Jarrett shares more.

Click here to take the FREE Spiritual Gifts Survey. You do not need to be a member of CFBC in order to discover your spiritual gift.

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 12:4

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, or if you have a prayer request, text: 281.688.2630 and follow the text prompts.

For more details about Champion Forest Baptist Church, click here.

Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

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